Trekking in Nepal is, in itself, a unique experience. You will come across diverse cultured people, thick forests, high hills, tall snow-capped Himalayas and much more while traveling in Nepal. We have brought you a unique option where you will have as much pleasure as trekking and also fulfill your social duty towards a community. The Volunteer Trek can be seen as a package with real trekking fun and pure peace of helping others.

We all know what the country went through in 2015. Nepal has still not fully recovered from the same earthquake that took the lives of thousands of people. And, also, destroyed millions of properties. The government alone cannot do it, so we have teamed up with some social organizations. With this, we have created a few trekking plus social work itineraries. This, in turn, assists the government in the development of infrastructures and skills in the trekking regions. Help the people of the rural areas still battling with the effects of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake and its aftershocks. We will be providing education, medications, fundraise, and similar other activities to help such people and take Nepal back to its glorious days.

Book a volunteer trekking trip with us to help the people in need. These trips offer you a great deal of new vision and a neo-perspective about life in Nepal. Get closer to the people of Nepal and explore the tradition, culture, lifestyle, and the tell-tales of the high Himalayas. Find excitement and joy in all of the cross-cultural activities we have created as part of the Volunteer Trek in Nepal.

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