Khaptad National Park Trek - 10 Days

Khaptad National Park Trek

Khaptad National Park Trek is a new trekking route to explore the far-western part of the country. Explore the diverse flora and fauna of the Khaptad Region.

Besides the natural beauty, this trek also shows the way of life of the local people living in this region. Also, get par with the culture and tradition of the local community.

Trip Highlights

  • Khaptad National Park
  • Terai Plains of Nepal
  • Diverse flora and fauna
  • Far-western Nepal

Trip Overview

Khaptad National Park Trek is a newly opened trekking path to the far-western part of the country. Explore the unique lifestyle of the people living in the rural area of the country. Enjoy the diverse species of wildlife and vegetation in the Khaptad National Park.

Hike along the far-western part of the country to explore the diverse culture and tradition of Nepal. The Khaptad National Park Trek starts with a flight to the town of Nepalgunj. From there, we will drive to the more popular village of Silgadhi and then only start to trek towards the rural villages of Jhigrana and Bukipani. Bukipani can be said as the entry of the Khaptad National Park. Explore the National Park, its museums, and view towers before ending the trek. During the trek, enjoy the views of the Api and Saipal peaks.

Join us in this 10-days Khaptad National Park Trek expedition to explore the tradition, lifestyle, culture, and natural beauty of far-western Nepal. The best time to visit the region is during October-November and March-May. For a trekking experience, you will need a decent fitness level. Contact us in case of any professional expertise and a tailored trip.

Trip Itinerary

Day 01: Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj (198m) and drive to Buditola

Day 02: Buditola to Silgadhi (1330m)

Day 03: Silgadhi to Jhigrana (2300m)

Day 04: Jhigrana to Bukipani (3080m)

Day 05: Bukipani to Khaptad (3010m)

Day 06: Explore Khaptad National Park

Day 07: Khaptad to Jhigrana (2300m)

Day 08: Jhigrana to Silgadhi (1790m)

Day 09: Silgadhi to Dhangadhi

Day 10: Fly back to Kathmandu  (1400m)

Day 1
Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj (198m) and drive to Buditola

With your bags prepared the previous day, we will start off with a short drive to the TIA. Fly to Nepalgunj early in the morning and then, drive to the village of Buditola. The flight will take us an hour to reach Nepalgunj whereas the drive takes us about 4 hours. Drive along the Karnali River to get to Buditola.

Day 2
Buditola to Silgadhi (1330m)

Wake up to rural Far-western Nepal and fill your bellies. We will head out towards Silgadhi today. The drive to Silgadhi takes us a total of approximately six hours. The drive goes through steep hills and the village of Dadedhuda before getting to Silgadhi. Explore the temples and lifestyle of the people living in the town.

Day 3
Silgadhi to Jhigrana (2300m)

Start with a gentle uphill climb through rough terrain to get to the village of Baglekh. Ascend the motorable path along the Karnali river to get to the village of Jhigrana. We will stop at this village as there are no settlements in between.

Day 4
Jhigrana to Bukipani (3080m)

Today, we will start with an uphill climb out of Jhigrana through conifer forest of fir and pine to get to the village of Bichpani. Enjoy lunch at the village with beautiful views of the national flower of the country, rhododendron. After lunch, ascend all the way up to the village of Bukipani. The village of Bukipani is the gateway to the Khaptad National Park.

Day 5
Bukipani to Khaptad (3010m)

Hike up through the alpine forest of pine and rhododendron to find our way to the headquarters of Khaptad. Along the way, we can visit the Saharsalinga temple before passing through the army camp and arrive at Khaptad. After a filling meal, you can stroll around the village. Explore the Khaptad Daha and also climb up the view tower to have panoramic views of the green rhododendron forest down below. Get to the bed early as we will have to have the energy for a great exploration day at Khaptad National Park.

Day 6
Explore Khaptad National Park

Today, we will visit the Khaptad National Park and explore its surroundings. Visit the museum and the Patan. Enjoy the huge collection of subtropical and alpine vegetation. The name of the park was named after the holy person named Khaptad Baba. The park is famous for its countless flora and fauna with more than 567 species of plants and over 287 species of birds. Let’s not forget about a visit to the Khaptad Baba’s Ashram.

Day 7
Khaptad to Jhigrana (2300m)

Follow our steps back unwillingly through the same path to get to the village of Jhigrana. First, we will arrive at the village of Bukipani and then to Bichpani. From there, it is an easy descend to the village of Jhigrana.

Day 8
Jhigrana to Silgadhi (1790m)

Wake up to the beautiful sunrise in the Terai plains. Follow the trails back to Baglekh and then, pass through the village of Uditola to arrive at the village of Silgadhi. Enjoy the time resting or strolling around the village.

Day 9
Silgadhi to Dhangadhi

Get up early in the morning to enjoy a peaceful meal. Get on the vehicle to drive towards the village of Dhangadhi. In the due period, you can stroll around the touristic sites of Ghodaghodi Tal, Aircraft Museum, Shiv Puri Dham, to name a few.

Day 10
Fly back to Kathmandu (1400m)

Wake up to the sunrise in the rural Nepal one last time. Travel to the Dhangadhi airport and then get on the flight to reach the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. We will guide you to the hotel premises and let the trek come to an end.

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Trip Facts

  • AD-23
  • Nepal
  • Nepalgunj
  • Dhangadhi
  • 3,080m/10,105ft
  • 1-12
  • March to June, September to December
  • Medium